From resource recruitment to settlement, DERs Virtual Power Plant System


No.1 Forecasting Capabilities

Best-in-class forecasting and asset-optimization capabilities

Monthly error rate 4-5% on average of aggregators participating markets using iDERMS VPP

Application of automatic and ensemble learning algorithm based on AI by individuals and groups of plants.

No.1 VPP Platform market share in Korea

8 Private and public aggregators, 37 groups of VPPs, 1,007 individual sites, and 1.35GW capacity in total participate in the market with iDERMS VPP (2023, Jan.)

Completed pre-experimental study of 13 SPCs of solar and wind power plant, 227 individual sites, 250MW capacity in total


Track your real-time performance

Collect real-time actual performance data at scale by pulling data from the Cloud database of metering service (wholesale market operator provided)

Reduce the cost of installing additional hardware to get real-time actual metering data

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Automated Process from Bidding to Settlement

Proven automated deployments helping energy providers combine and manage hundreds of assets as single, virtual power plants.

Full implementation for bidding dispatch using Restful API, inter-connected with market

Automated monthly revenue reporting and sending an invoice to individual asset


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Optimize your VPP with Additional Services

Achieve higher forecasting scores with solar/wind + storage fleets

Optimize VPP with DR (Demand Response) 

Optimize VPP with EV (Electric Vehicle) fleets

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