AI-based Microgrid Operation System with ESS Optimization


Optimization of ESS Operation

Maximize efficiency and profit through artificial intelligence-based ESS operation, and increase operating profit by more than 10% on average

Additional revenue increase by operating BTM ESS using the charge difference of the ToU plan


Optimal Microgrid Operation

Integrated load/grid/renewables management and on/off-microgrid operation

Optimization of renewables+ESS charging and discharging  for microgrid operation

Solar can be used by cooperative control in independent operation, up to 30% energy efficiency increase

Various legacy systems (SCADAs), cloud EMS, and dozens of PCS/BMS models can be connected to a single EMS

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Dedicated Project Experience

Developed and operated EMS for domestic GenCo and global Microgrid system

Hands-on knowledge about edge solutions, cloud software, clean energy, electrical engineering, grid operations, and more


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