DERs Asset Performance Management System


Asset Performance Management (APM) is a suite of software and services designed to help optimize asset performance and O&M efficiency across equipment, the plant and the entire fleet

All your DERs in One Place

Standardizes the entire data from assets on one application from all different individual hardware

Comprehensive management of assets in all scattered geographical area in one place

Covers all different DER portfolio; Solar, Wind, ESS, fuelcell, power grid, etc. 

Enables managing portfolio by specific group; by SPCs, asset owners, O&M providers, and region, etc. 

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Customizable and Selective Alerts

Enables streamlined workflow through seamless integration of O&M process

Enables customizing level and message of the fault alerts by site and user

Remote troubleshooting from identifying problems in the field

Selective SMS alerts by customized level to designated users

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Improved workflows for ticketing

Enables managing all events for on-site fixes and check

Enables the request and approval for certain on-site activities, including the cost required

Automatic Alerting and Event Management

Enables the relevant required information on tickets clear and the whole process on track

Validation of resolution with closed alerts and check historical data of callbacks or reoccurrence

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Financial and Energy Yield Reporting

Automated reporting system by monthly, quarterly, yearly, and by plant, portfolio, group, etc.

Use templated and customized financial charting to understand your portfolio’s financial performance, including costs, PPA information, and revenue.

Visualization of portfolio performance or financial charting is customizable by request.


Cost Management

Provides essential cost and revenue insights to asset owners and O&M providers 

Portfolio-level integrated charting across individual sites by cost items, statistical ranking by sites

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Move your all paper work to IT Platform

Management of the whole DERs financial fund managing activities

Enables the request and approval for certain withdrawal activities with automated tools

Integrates all assets’ deposit and withdrawal history and schedules into a single platform

Centralized document management

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