Encored Culture

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What is a feeling hungry?

You will never feel hungry in Encored. In case of hunger, Encored provide a variety of snacks, beverage, and meals unlimitedly at meals as well as any time.

Whole meals are free!

But Encored doesn’t have any responsibility of your weight increase.

Brainstorm irrespective of rank

From the general members to CEO, all members have an open mind to communicate. Especially, a conference room place a table into a square shape leads horizontal communication.

Having an idea meeting every Friday which we called lunch box day, all members gather
and share their opinions and ideas.

In an atmosphere of free debate, Encoreder continually think new idea and act promptly
to follow the fast-changing times.

Wear it my style

Wow, do you have a dress code until now? Was it in only high school?

Encored doesn’t have dress policy. Go to work wearing as your style, in other words
the way you feel. Encored do not want our creative member to have narrow-minded
due to the uncomfortable dress. So we insist no dress code in order to wear practical

Not only Encoreder have creative and flexible minds, but also the work efficiency rises
through no dress code.