Encored Introduction

“Make PEOPLE have fun from our DATA”

Dear, Customers

We are gathered to make fun of the world through the daily life of energy data.

Food, clothing, and shelter and telecommunication are already a part of our life.
However, we regard energy the most used in everyday life as being not related to our life.
Encored is the start-up company that has not been long since started. Nevertheless,
we will develop innovative and disruptive technologies can surprise the world since
the best talented members have gathered in Encored. Moreover,
we will actualize valuable imagination through energy in daily life.

Toward this goal, Encored has gathered from various majors.

Encored is composed of experts from various specialty.
Our members are not only energy experts, but also mathematicians, statisticians,
psychologists, computer scientists, designers and embedded hardware specialist.
We are finding a shape of new platform to make new ecosystems called “ENERGY PLANNER”. .

“If customers give data, we will give data presents to customers.”

Thank you,

  • CEO  Jong-Woong Choe
  • -Former President of LSIS Co., Ltd
  • -PhD in Computer Science
  • -32 year-experience in Energy ICT industry
  • -IEC-ACTAD representative of Korea and the Korea Chairman
  • -Member of The National Academy of Engineering of Korea

Core technologies and Service

Real-time Internet meter + Cloud Big data platform + Energy Disaggregation Technology

Built Behavioral Energy Platform

We develop an innovative Internet meter ‘EnerTALK’.

Energy Planner is Internet meter as we collect real-time electricity use information.
It is totally different with Smart meter which provides 15-minute information.
We are continually developing new dimensional
products like micro size Internet meter for home and a direct current Internet meter.

Encored operates ‘EDGE’ platform based on IoT and cloud Big data.

Energy Planner talks about energy usage habits to each customers.
Furthermore, we provide a variety of service platform offering values
and innovative energy services.

Encored constantly studies for continuous development of ‘ENERGY PLANNER’.

ENERGY PLANNER is an integrated platform of Encored composed of EnerTALK Service
Platform and EnerTAG Hardware.
We strive to develop innovative technology such as Energy
Fingerprint technology in order to make Killer app in Electricity industry.