Visible Energy,
Good Habits in my hands

From now on, you are able to see
the electricity bill through your smart phone
in real time.
With Energy Planner, let’s experience building
good habits in my hands.



“The first meeting with Energy Planner.
Is it possible to know how to save the
bills just through this small device,
Energy Planner?

Energy Planner for Home is useful daily service
that is available to manage your electricity
bill and other services.
You can easily install it at your home with a simple manual.

“Wow! Bill in real-time?
Was it published once a month?”

Don’t you feel stuffy since you can get the bill just once a month?
Don’t you think that two weeks is too long time to receive the bill?
Before you receive the bill, you never know
“Maybe the electricity bill is really high in this month….
how much will it be?
Don’t worry about the bill while you use electronics.
Check the real-time electricity consumption through
Energy Planner and use it as much as you want.

“Do I consume
too much electricity?”

As Energy Planner shows standby power,you can manage
the wasted electricity regardless of active home appliances.
Prevent the wasted power use!
Efficient use! Energy Planner supports your smart use!
Especially, when you are away for a long time,
don’t forget to check the standby power via
Energy Planner and save your bills.

“Is the electricity consumption at my home
high or low compare to that of my neighbours?”

Energy Planner can compare the level of electricity consumption between me and
my neighbors who have the similar usage level.
Comparison is based on cloud big data service. Let’s see my usage level among the
neighbors. We present a pwho are already using less electricity as well as are just
going to make a resolution to save electricity roud experience to the customers after checking the neighbours comparison.

“Plan the electricity bill
in this month on my own!”

Set the goal about consumption plan, discover myself
who achieve the aim. Energy Planner can set
the plan for electricity usage at the metering day.
We actively support you to achieve the plan by
energy usage forecast based on individual behavior
patterns and real-time alarms.

“Electricity bill shock?
I’ve never heard about it~!”

Do you have any experience that the bill was extremely
high during the summer and winter season?
It is because of the progressive electricity tax.
There are 6 progressive levels in Korea.
Energy Planner lets know you which level
you are in now and the cost.
We will save you in danger of electricity bill shock!

“Encored knows you.”

Show not only your electricity usage depends on the time, day, and
month also usage pattern at a glance. Are you not curious about
why the electricity consumption is so much comparing to other days?
Energy Planner can track intensive electricity use of time zone and day
So isn’t it a piece of cake to find the individual electricity usage pattern?


How could Energy Planner be used?
Experience demo to see how Energy Planner reduce
my electricity bill!


Stop! Before purchasing
our product,check three requirements.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi at home
    (We connect Wi-Fi)

  • Smartphone user

  • Have the same shape of the distribution panel.
    Check the Distribution Board

  • Energy Planner looking
    from the outside
  • Press release video

    Real-customers Interview

    • Myungsuk Lee

      Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

    • Mi-ok Kim

      Gwanak-gu, Seoul

    • Sunduk Jang

      Nam-gu, Pohang-si

Real-customers Interview


“The custmoers encored have met”

Since October 2014, she has been using Energy Planner for 5 months.

Myungsuk Lee

Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

  • Q. 1 _ What is the most useful features of the service?

    The point which I can see the electricity consumption from period to period. I can check the usage by month, day,
    and hour. As comparing between previous days and today, it makes me easy to know whether I spend too much
    or not. This is the feature that I used much more.

  • Q. 2 _ What is the difference between Energy Planner and the traditional electricity bill?

    The biggest advantage of Energy Planner is that showing electricity bills at a glance. Especially, I can check the
    time period when I use electricity intensively. It can’t be found in the traditional bill. In addition, there wasn’t any
    information about the real-time cost and usage. It made me irritated.

    However, Energy Planner solves discomforts.

  • Q. 3 _ Do you have any changed behavior or habit with Energy Planner?

    I had a habit of turning off the power strip and set-top box that I didn’t care previously. Before leaving the home,
    I usually look around inside. At that time, if I find the power of the set-top box is on, I take off the shoes, go inside,
    and then turn it off.

    Definitely, I perceive that I can save some by turning off the power of them since energy monitoring service proved it.

  • Q. 4 _ Who do you want to recommend our product?

    To young people. In my opinion, the elderly people usually try to save energy while the young people usually
    don’t. As energy isn’t able to be shown, young people just turn on the power from habit. I think younger people don’t
    have any conscious effort to save energy consumption.

    I think it probably would be useful for young mothers sharing their electricity usage with each other and also save

    The young people are familiar with a machine(product), so they can use it better than the elderly people as well.

Real-customers Interview


“The custmoers encored have met”

Since September 2014, she has been using Energy Planner.

Mi-ok Kim

Gwanak-gu, Seoul

  • Q. 1 _ What is the most useful feature in services?

    The point which I know the real-time electricity usage at my home. When I see the current state of energy usage,
    especially of a steam iron, a hair dryer, etc., which spend too much power consumption in real-time, the amount of
    usage number goes up quickly in Energy Planner. It makes me realizing that I need to reduce the amount of usage
    time for saving energy.

  • Q. 2 _ What is the difference between Energy Planner and the traditional electricity bill?

    In fact, I don’t know when I use it and how much I use it except an appliance, such as a refrigerator, we always use.
    The information of the real-time electricity usage is not included in the electricity bill, but the Energy Planner is very
    useful to know about the electric usage by hour or day.

    In particular, if I let our children knows the reason why he consumes the electricity too much in pick time, it can be an
    opportunity to reduce the electricity usage, and has an energy saving effect.

  • Q. 3 _ In what point do you feel the real-time usage and rates helpful?

    I think that the all visible things are more effective than invisible things. In particular, it is useful because I try to use
    the amount of less electricity for achieving my goal after I see the real-time electricity usage. The self-adjustable
    appliances, such as TV, computer, etc., could reduce the electricity usage

  • Q. 4 _ Who do you want to recommend our product?

    To someone who are away from their parents. I really want to recommend not just for saving purpose but for people
    who are away from their parents and cannot see each other often. They may can know how their parents are doing
    through the pattern of electricity usage at parents’ home.

    Also, it may be helpful for people who are living in a studio apartment. They do not know the electricity usage of each
    appliance, so the Energy Planner will be very helpful for them

Real-customers Interview


“The custmoers encored have met”

We met a customer whose name is Sunduk Jang.

Since February 2015, she has been using Energy Planner

Sunduk Jang

Nam-gu, Pohang-si

  • Q. 1 _ Do you have any special reason to use Energy Planner? If so, what is it?

    I’ve consumed the electricity too much, and doubted strangely use, such as short circuit. To solve these problem, I’d tried to find it out, but I couldn’t. Meanwhile, I encountered the Energy Planner and decided to use it I can find out the reason of problem.

  • Q. 2 _ What is the difference between Energy Planner and the traditional electricity bill?

    I did not think about the electricity bill, including whole electricity usage only, in deeply and missed it with no doubt. After the installation of the Energy Planner, I could find out the reason why the electricity bill is big and it became a great point. It will be helpful to change the appliance from normal to high efficiency at home as well

  • Q. 3 _ What is the most useful features of the service?

    The service, I can see the electricity usage in real-time, is the most interesting. It is a good point that I can find out which appliances consume energy too much when the graph is going up or going down.
    Also, it is very useful to find out the amounts of standby power and which one makes up the standby power through the function of alarm, which inform you of standby power.

  • Q. 4 _ In what point do you feel the real-time usage and rates helpful?

    I could confirm how much each appliance consumes the energy, and then, understand the electricity bill. I also could know about the efficiency of product, and have the confidence of energy use in general through confirmation of electricity usage in real-time.